by Alfred Hierl

1937 Vintage Race cars running at the German Grand Prix.

Little is known of Hieri, save that he produced a number of fine auto posters for prestigious racing events during the 1930s. For the running of the 1937 German Grand Prix at Nurburgring, he provides us with an exquisite drivers-eye vantage point, placing the viewer into the midst of a neck0and-neck battle for the lead, along with what appears to be an Alfa-Romeo 12C-36 and the hometrack favorite Mercedes-Benz W 125. As was the norm for the artist popular with party bigwigs, he unfurls the swastika in a prominent position. The German dictator must have been quite gratified that a Mercedes??driven by the indefatigable Rudolf Caracciola??came in first. Interestingly, for all his popularity within the party, Caracciola was an anti-Nazi who fled Hitler and became a Swiss citizen in his later years.

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